Promoting Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Associate Membership

You are eligible to apply if you are a health practitioner working in sexual and reproductive health including abortion care. Our associate members can be (but are not limited to) nurses, midwives and doctors.


Benefits of associate membership include:

Peer support, education and collegiality through our:

  • Contraception, abortion providers and LARC trainers peer support groups.
  • Quarterly newsletters.
  • Access to our online discussion platform.
  • Online educational resources.

Eligibility to:

  • Apply for a position on the Board.
  • Vote for Board members.

Associate members can become involved in the advanced training programme as a trainer.

We offer associate members reduced conference and training course fees for selected events run by the college.

All associate members must take part in a continuing professional development programme within their own scope.


The associate membership fee per annum (incl GST) is $150. This is subject to annual review. 





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