Promoting Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health


You are eligible to apply if you have successfully completed our SRH Advanced Training Programme and have been awarded Fellowship of New Zealand College of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

All doctors who are vocationally registered in the Medical Council of New Zealand scope of family planning and reproductive health must be members of the New Zealand College of Sexual and Reproductive Health and take part in our NZCSRH-BPAC continuing professional development programme.


Benefits of fellowship include:

Peer support, education and collegiality through our:

  • Contraception, abortion providers and LARC trainers peer support groups.
  • Regular newsletters.
  • Access to our online discussion platform.
  • Online educational resources.

Eligibility to:

  • Apply for a position on the Board.
  • Vote for Board members.
  • Vote at the AGM.

Fellow members are able to become involved in the SRH Advanced Training Programme as a trainer, supervisor or assessor.

We offer reduced conference and training course fees for selected events run by the college.


The fellowship fee per annum (incl GST) is $575.  This is subject to annual review. 

The lower-income fellowship fee per annum (incl GST) is $300 (for fellows whose earnings are < $40,000 p.a. before tax from all sources). This is subject to annual review. 

BPAC fees for the NZCSRH-BPAC CPD programme are additional to the above NZCSRH fellowship fees.





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