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LARC Training FAQs

We have provided some answers to questions we often get asked about practical LARC training or becoming a LARC trainer. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, you may find it in the following documents. Otherwise, please get in touch with us by emailing

Useful documents:
Long-acting  Reversible Contraception Health practitioner training  principles and standards 2022
Long-acting Reversible Contraception Principles and standards for trainers 2022
New Zealand Aotearoa’s guidance on contraception


I have previously inserted LARCS but have not done so for a few years; do I need to re-do my training from scratch?

The Aotearoa New Zealand standards for LARC insertion are set by Manatū Hauora. 
NZCSRH endorses these standards and the need for practitioners to demonstrate that they are competent to this level. 
The first step is to discuss with a trainer. They will need to do an observation and assess how many training sessions are needed to gain competency. Competence is described in our DOPS assessment forms as all steps or tasks proficiently performed in the proper sequence.


Will the person being observed have already submitted all of the training evidence (resus cert, NCTS courses, license etc) to NZCSRH, or do I have to get all of that information?

We do not hold details for people being trained. As the trainer, you need to check they have completed the NCTS LARC theory modules, and fit the requirements of the MoH New Zealand Aotearoa's guidance on contraception, and the Long-acting Reversible Contraception Health practitioner training principles and standards 2022.

What is a fast-track sign off?

With a fast track, a trainer observes someone performing a LARC procedure, to confirm they fit the standards and are practising to a competent level as per the DOPS forms. We have found some people need more than one session because they need to make some amendments to their practise.

Does the practice receiving the training/ fast-track sign-off pay the trainer for their time?

If the practice is a 'priority practice' (the 303 identified by Te Whatu Ora), there is Te Whatu Ora funding available which is paid to the trainer by the RNZCGP. If it is not a priority practice, some PHOs are funding training. Otherwise, the trainer would charge the practice directly.

How do trainers get paid from RNZCGP for doing training and/or a fast-track observation and sign-off in a priority practice?

Once training is complete, please supply a copy of the DOPS form/s to You will also need to complete a RNZCGP claim form. If you are not invoicing through a company i.e. GST registered, you may need to complete an IR330C form so that RNZCGP can determine the appropriate amount of withholding tax. To request a claim form, email or

Do I have to be competent in all types of LARCs to become a trainer?

No. Provided you meet the criteria, you can choose to become a trainer in one, or multiple types of LARC procedure.

Who keeps the hard copy of the DOPS form/s once completed?

We recommend the person who has been trained keep it as evidence of their training.

Does the trainee get a certificate when they have completed training?

The DOPS form/s are sufficient to show competency; however, if the trainee would like/requires a certificate we are happy to provide certificates that the trainer may issue to the trainee.

Do I need to be signed off by a NZCSRH trainer?

The NZCSRH has provided a train the trainer course to facilitate people’s confidence and competence at fitting the National LARC Trainer Standards. There are other people who fit the criteria to be a trainer, who have achieved their trainer status through other organisations.

I was trained before the new standards. How do I know if I’m still practising within the standards?

Trainer: We review your documentation and will advise what you are missing.

Trainee: Have a look at the standards and if you aren’t sure, ask your trainer.

Pre-existing knowledge and experience – check out the standards – not sure then maybe ask a trainer (they are on our website ) to come and do a fast-track for you.

Do I have to be signed off before I attend a course?

We can facilitate a fast track after the course if this is the only component you are missing.



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