Promoting Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Admissions Policy for Advanced Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Doctors seeking advanced training in sexual and reproductive health


To define the entry requirements and application process for admission to the advanced training programme in sexual and reproductive health.


Applications will be accepted from candidates who meet the entry requirements as outlined in the curriculum, stated below

Entry Criteria

  • General registration with Medical Council of New Zealand
  • Hold professional indemnity insurance
  • Citizen or Resident status in NZ
  • Satisfactory completion of a core CPR training programme within the last three years
  • PLUS within 5 years of commencing the training programme
    • Otago or Auckland University Diploma of Obstetrics and Medical Gynaecology OR

Candidates will need to complete the application form, provide a certified copy of their qualifications and current APC, along with the names of two referees. This will need to be submitted to the Educational Advisory Committee for review.

Applications will be accepted at any time, however successful candidates will need to wait until a training position is available before starting their advanced training. They may have the option of taking an earlier training position in another area if they are able to. The exact number of places will be determined by the number of accredited training placements for the first year of training, and whether trainees in those placements are full time or part time. A maximum of five year one trainees will be accepted in each year.

Applications will be reviewed at the next Educational Advisory Committee meeting after receipt of the completed application. CVs will be reviewed for evidence of commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights such as previous work experience including a Community based attachment (CBA) in sexual and reproductive health, advocacy within this area or research. Published research in any field will also be considered in the event of multiple candidates for a single training place where CVs may be used to rank candidates.

Candidates will be invited for interview based on priority from review of the applications. The interview panel will consist of the Educational Advisory Committee along with the Consumer Representative from the Trust Board where practicable. Interviews will use standardised questions.

A standardised reference check will be conducted for candidates successful at interview. Successful candidates will be notified in writing, including the expected date and location for their first-year training placement. Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified in writing, and where possible, feedback will be provided on the reasons they have not be appointed to the advanced training programme.


Any dispute in this regard will be referred to the Trust Board according to the complaints policy.

Policy Owner: Educational Advisory Committee | Date: June 2020 | Review Date: June 2023




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